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MirageVision Outdoor TV Series

Since 2004, Global Outdoor Concepts has created a unique Outdoor Television called MirageVision. Our weather-resistant outdoor televisions have been time-tested in one of the hottest and sunniest climates in the world - on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

We have developed a custom weatherization and proprietary picture enhancement procedure using (donor) modern name brand flat screen televisions (i.e. Samsung, LG, Sharp, Hitachi, Vizio), so that they can be permanently installed outdoors and viewed in daytime direct sunlight. Applications can be utilized in both residential and commercial settings. This process has been refined utilizing the latest LED/LCD flat screen technology, consisting of ultra-bright and super-enhanced picture contrast, in order to create the world's most advanced and affordable outdoor television.

We have several different TV Series of Outdoor TV Models to fulfill our customers' needs. All the MirageVision Outdoor TVs incorporate our exclusive Mega Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET), which enhances the picture (contrast ratio, brightness, color saturation, sharpness) for outdoor daylight viewing. Most all of our models are Smart TVs.
  • MirageVision Gold LED TV

    Silver Series
    Products and Pricing
  • Our Silver Series LED/LCD TVs will still work great in daytime use, but because of the lower contrast and brightness when compared to our Gold and Diamond Series, they perform best in a shaded area.
  • Sizes: 24" - 32" - 40" - 46" - 55" - 70"
  • One (1) Year Limited Replacement Warranty
  • MirageVision Gold LED TV

    Gold Series
    Products and Pricing
  • Our LED/LCD TV Series are equipped with higher contrast ratios and brightness for direct daytime sunlight viewing.
  • Sizes Ranging From: 22" - 80" Most Models are Smart TVs
  • One (1) Year Replacement Warranty (Limited)
  • MirageVision Diamond LED Smart TV

    Diamond Series
    Products and Pricing
  • Our LED/LCD Smart TV Series are equipped with the highest amount of contrast ratios, brightness, color saturation, and sharpness that enables direct daytime sunlight viewing...making this series the World's Most Advanced Affordable Outdoor TV.
  • Sizes Ranging From: 32" - 80"
  • Features: Apps, Wi-Fi, 3D Capability, etc.
  • Warranty: Three (3) Year Limited, Pro-Rated Replacement
  • MirageVision Silver LCD TVDiamond E
    (Enhanced) Series
    Products and Pricing
  • This Diamond E (Enhanced) Series is the world's most advanced outdoor TV. It has all of the advanced features of the Diamond Series, plus Ultra-Smart technology and enhanced MPET.
  • Sizes: 55" - 65" - 75"
  • Features: Apps, Wi-Fi, 3D, voice and hand commands, Skype.
  • Warranty: Three (3) Year Limited, Pro-Rated Replacement

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