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What makes MirageVision™ outdoor televisions unique?

We weatherize brand name televisions such as Sony, Samsung, and Vizio so that they can function outdoors. That process includes sealing the cabinet and protecting the interior components to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. In addition, our televisions have enhanced contrast and brightness which allows for easier viewing on sunny days. What we don't do is alter any of the design elements of the televisions. Big name television manufacturers spend millions of dollars on research and development to not only create a technically advanced television but also an aesthetically attractive one. Due to this fact our outdoor televisions are beautiful to the eye and have been designed to enhance the décor of any setting, not detract from it.

Outdoor LCD TV

What is the big deal about Flat Panel LED Technology?

LED back light technology is the latest breakthrough in LCD flat panel HDTV. The LED back light burns cooler, is brighter, has much higher contrast, uses less power and has a better life span than traditional florescent backlight bulbs. This new technology is a perfect match for Mirage Vision outdoor televisions. Not only do our televisions have a more advance picture technology, they are much thinner (approximately 1 inch) and lighter (our 55" weighs only 38 lbs. without the stand) and that equates to an easier installation and lower shipping cost.

To read more about the advantages of LED televisions, click here.

Is the MirageVision™ television waterproof?

No. MirageVision™ televisions are designed to resist downward rain and snow but are not made to be waterproof. Our televisions are water and weather resistant. As a matter of fact, there are no other residential televisions that have been tested to be completely waterproof. All indoor and outdoor LCD TVs must be designed to allow the hot air to escape the cabinets. We have weatherized our televisions such that hot air can escape but downward moving water can not penetrate the cabinet. All Mirage Vision™ televisions come with a waterproof cabinet cover that should remain on the TV when it is not in use.

What television screen sizes are available?
Outdoor LCD TV
Available LCD television Sizes: 32" 37" 42" 47"
Available LED television Sizes: 22" 26" 32" 40" 46" 55" 60" 65" 70" 80"

Will a MirageVision™ television give you the same picture quality in outdoor sunlight as a television installed indoors?

No. Even though our televisions are equipped with an enhanced picture quality for outdoor sunlight, the picture quality will be better in a shaded area or when not installed in direct sunlight similar to an indoor television. Most of our televisions are equipped with ambient light technology which automatically adjusts the picture brightness as outdoor lighting conditions change (i.e. from day to night).

Will moisture or humidity damage a MirageVision™ television?

The MirageVision™ internal circuitry is coated with a special silicone-based solution which prevents corrosion and short circuiting.

How can a MirageVision™ television breathe and still repel down-pouring rain?

All MirageVision™ televisions are equipped with a rear cabinet Rain Guard™ technology that allows internal hot air to escape but repels down pouring rain or snow. This is crucial to prolonging the life of your television. Even outdoor televisions that have fan systems to draw in cool air and expel hot air will not protect internal circuitry from moisture in the air. If the electronic components of these televisions are not protected they are still susceptible to the corrosive effects of moisture in the air.

How will a MirageVision™ exterior cabinet hold up in ultra high UV conditions or extremely cold environments?

The outside cabinet of a MirageVision™ television is coated with a UV/Teflon Coating. Please keep in mind that when a MirageVision™ television is installed in an environment near salt water, some pitting or fading may occur over time. This is another reason why we suggest keeping your water proof cover on the television when it is not in use

When a MirageVision™ television is installed outside do you have to run multiple wires to the set?

You can eliminate the use of running video/RF coax and audio wires from the indoor source to the outside television by using our (optional) full HD (1080p) wireless video/audio package. You can install the transmitter indoors (at your source) and the weather resistant receiver outdoors on the back of your Mirage Vision television set. This allows for a wireless, high definition picture without having to incur the often costly expense of installing additional wiring from the source to the television.

What is the best way to install a MirageVision™ television for the best quality HD picture?

For the best possible picture quality you should install either an HD satellite receiver or an HD cable box directly to the component inputs or HDMI inputs of the television. Using the optional wireless HD package will provide a wireless 1080p signal from your in-home source to your Mirage Vision television. For a professional installation you should contact a local TV/electronics specialist.

Is a MirageVision™ television warranted for outdoor use?

Yes. A MirageVision™ television is warranted for one year (parts and labor) whereas most indoor televisions carry only a 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

Why should I pay the extra cost of having a TV made for outdoor use? Why don't I just buy an indoor LCD or plasma set and install it outdoors?

A plasma television utilizes a gas technology which will not withstand hot and cold environments. An LCD television is equipped utilizing a liquid crystal (sand-like) technology, which is much better for outdoor use. Indoor televisions are not weatherized so moisture, humidity, and rain can enter the television's interior and cause harm to the delicate internal circuitry. Insects can also get into the television's interior due to being attracted to light and heat. Since the body of an insect can conduct electricity, a short to the circuit board can occur. Excessive dust will also damage the internal components of an indoor television. Additionally, you won't be able to see the picture of an indoor television during daylight hours if it is installed outdoors since they lack an enhanced picture contrast. Last, but not least, outdoor elements as described previously will degrade the indoor television very quickly as it has not been built for outdoor use.

Can you install a MirageVision™ television right next to your pool or spa?

We recommend that you always install your MirageVision™ television at least 5 to 10 feet away from a swimming pool, spa or any type of standing water. Most cities have electrical codes that will not allow any electrical outlets within a certain distance from pools and spas.

Outdoor LCD TV
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